Nutrient, land and water management

Goal 8

Goal 8 Improve nutrient, land and water management

No results were collected during 2016 for these indicators. The latest information available to demonstrate progress towards our target was gathered in the 2015 Natural Resource Management survey to investigate what dairy farmers are doing to reduce environmental impact. The next survey is due to be conducted in 2018.

8.1 90% of stock excluded from waterways by 2020
8.2 80% of farmers implement nutrient management plans by 2020
8.3 80% of dairy farms with irrigation having implemented some level of irrigation automation by 2020
8.4 80% of dairy farms managing some land for conservation and biodiversity by 2020
8.5 Where relevant, all dairy farmers actively managing noxious weeds by 2020
8.6 100% of farmers have practices to recycle water on farm by 2020