Safe products and ingredients

Enhancing our international reputation

Building on the success of long running projects for both the Japan and China markets, the Australian dairy industry has introduced a South East Asia Dairy Scholarship program, in conjunction with the Victorian Government, as part of its ongoing market development plan to enhance its international reputation.

Australia hosted 15 delegates from Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines and South Korea, who toured research, farm, processing, regulatory and training facilities, acquiring a solid understanding of the entire dairy supply chain.

This experience enables participants to speak from a position of first-hand knowledge about why Australia is a very safe producer of high quality dairy products. The success of the initial program in 2015 will result in the program being an annual fixture in the Australian dairy industry export market development calendar.

The dairy industry is also encouraging prudent use of antibiotics that are needed to effectively treat animal health issues.  There is increasing scrutiny on the use of antibiotics in animals and it is important that we understand what is used in Australia and how it is used.  Australian dairy representatives are also working with the Australian government on Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) monitoring.

Following submissions by the dairy industry, meat food safety jurisdictions have accepted that on-farm dairy QA programs also address the meat food safety issues. This should streamline audit requirements for dairy farmers as they produce dual products – both milk and meat – and previously have been subject to the requirements of separate milk and meat auditable QA food safety programs.