Improved health outcomes

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Promoting the health benefits of dairy

In 2015, Dairy Australia was in direct contact with over 38,000 health professionals providing the evidence and explaining the benefits of dairy foods in a healthy balanced diet.

We are taking the lead in a world-first international intervention trial assessing the effects of a food-based dairy intervention on the risks of falls and fracture in residential aged care facilities, which is well underway.

On behalf of the industry, Dairy Australia has a seat at the table for the “Healthy Food Partnership” a Federal Government initiative to co-operatively tackle obesity and encourage healthy eating. The partnership includes preventative health groups, food industry bodies and government.

A “Start and End your Day with Dairy” campaign was promoted under the industry’s Legendairy campaign, investing in a consumer campaign targeting mums as the key grocery buyer.

Olympic gold medallist Michael Klim came on board as a Legendairy ambassador, reinforcing the benefits of starting and ending the day with dairy foods, and the important role milk, cheese and yoghurt plays in recovery after exercise.