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Lion Dairy Pride Program

Lion launches unique sustainability program

In 2016, Lion Dairy & Drink (Lion) today launched a unique sustainability program for its dairy farmers, called the Lion Dairy Pride Program.

The Australian-first online program will provide dairy farmers with trusted practical and informative information and will also be a one-stop-shop for dairy farmers looking to access essential industry resources.

Lion Dairy & Drinks Managing Director Peter West said the sustainability program offered dairy farmers a way to measure, evaluate and improve key areas of sustainability on their farm.

“It has been developed by industry experts to help our dairy farmers improve their farm sustainability practices and to also acknowledge the areas they are already performing well in,” he said.

“Ultimately our aim is to work with our farmers to improve their farm’s sustainability and, potentially, their profitability.”

Lion partners with around 400 dairy farmers across Australia, many of them family businesses and all committed to raising healthy herds.

Mr West said the Lion Dairy Pride Program was developed in consultation with Lion dairy farmers and industry who wanted easy access to useful tools and templates, as well as links to external resources.

The Program includes a website with an easy-to-use assessment tool that guides farmers through five key areas of the dairy farm business system: milk quality, animal welfare, people, community & wellbeing, the environment and business management.

“This is about providing our dairy farmers with the tools and templates they need to help manage day-to-day operations of their farms,” Mr West said.

“It is to help them set their business up for success through business plans, performance measures, budgets and planning for the future.”

Mr West said there was a strong focus on the employment process, safety and wellbeing and in the environment module, tips on monitoring and managing essential environmental elements. “It is a well-researched program that is providing our dairy farmers with essential information that is not only easy to access, but also trusted,” he said.

“We are very proud of this initiative.  It is a partnership and together we can deliver delicious dairy goodness to every Australian, every day.”